Frequently Asked Questions

  • How long does it take to get results?

    Results vary business to business but we normally see people start to be really happy with the progress in their business at around the 2-4 month mark. The reason for this is, as we implement changes, the outcome from these are often not instantaneous. There also can be a couple of urgent things to address in a business in that initial period.

    It also does depend on what results are wanting to be achieved. For example, often business owners approach us not wanting to grow their business, but wanting to be able to step back and away from the day to day operation… this can take a wide range of time, dependant on just how reliant the business is on them.

  • What is ECC?

    ECC is an abbreviation for Education, Coaching, Consulting our unique way of assisting businesses. This combined offering was born out of the fact that either on their own can be ineffective or a little one dimensional in our opinion, but together in a balance that is suited to you they can be quite powerful to accelerate a business forward.

    If we can teach you what you need, when you need it, coach and guide you along the way, help you to consistently implement… and occasionally help you with something that could save you months in time… in our opinion, that is the secret to exceptional results in your business.

    We balance this to what you need based on the stage of business growth you are at. For example, as a start-up you may need a little more education, less coaching and very little consulting. If you are further along your journey, the balance will likely swing the other way.

  • Have you worked in my particular industry?

    We get asked this occasionally, and the reality is we probably have. There aren’t many industries we haven’t worked with or don’t have a very good understanding of.

    BUT there is a far more important point to make, our role in assisting you is not to tell how to do, what you do best. We will assist, certainly, but chances are if you have been even remotely successful in your business… you are probably good at what you do, or have a great product or service to offer. Our role is far more about how to improve the underlying business, and how you generate the income and life you want from that business. We help you to fill the gaps in your knowledge, change the things that are frustrating you and accelerate the growth of the business.

  • Do you work with start-ups?

    Yes, we do work with start-ups and enjoy the excitement at the start of your business journey. Some of our success stories stem from start-up owners getting assistance early, educating themselves on the right way to build business and not falling into all the usual pitfalls and missteps that most people do when building  business. An educated business owner is a profitable one.

    We have a range of different ways we can help business owners, and even if you are small and it is not suitable yet to invest in a larger program, it my be worth looking at something small to help you get going. We have some very affordable options especially designed for very small businesses. A common pathway for clients is to start small and as you grow, we can then progress you through into a more accelerated program once we know affordably and return on investment can be insured.

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