Frustrated that the day to day operation of your business is still so dependent on you?

Return on investment

Growth Potential was founded on the fundamental principle that there needs to be an affordable and highly effective assistance option for small businesses in Australia to help them succeed.

We know small business can be difficult at times, and we believe every small business owner should have an experienced professional helping them to succeed. It just makes it easier.

Getting professional assistance to make it easier to improve your business, and to improve yourself, is the single best investment you can make.


The percentage of new clients that are introduced to us by current clients and partners by REFERRAL.


This is the average increase per annum in our client’s NET PROFIT or SALARY, since starting with us. This average includes all our new clients.


This is the average REVENUE increase on a per annum basis, for our clients since starting with us. Our longer term clients are well past this average.


This is the number of 4-5 week long HOLIDAYS that our clients have taken away from their businesses. Time is as important as money.

*The above metrics are the key numbers that drive us. Results last assessed August 2018.

Do you want an easier way to accelerate the growth in your business?

Achieving Results

Are your competitors getting the assistance and support that you’re not?
An educated business owner is a profitable one. Ever-improving skills in all key areas of business, are vital to success, and the unfortunate reality is there is no getting around that fact.Learning from “experience” or “the school of hard knocks” can be just too time consuming and slow, if not terminal to your business.

The failure rates of small business in Australia are scary. Our extensive experience, proven results and tailored programs means we can assist you to dramatically improve your business.


A tailored approach

How we work with you is tailored to your business and your needs.

Our combination of Education, Coaching and Consulting is unique in the industry. If we can teach you what you need, when you need it, you will be able to implement that knowledge more effectively. That education combined with us coaching and guiding you along the way, helping you to consistently implement changes in your business, means you will get faster results which could save you months or even years of time in the growth of your business.

In our opinion, this combined approach is the secret to exceptional results in your business. We balance what you need, based on the stage of business growth you are at. For example, as a start-up you may need a little more education, less coaching and very little consulting. If you are further along your journey, the balance will likely swing the other way.

Want an easier way to accelerate growth in your business?